Red and purple wedding flowers are an unusual but very trendy color scheme for a wedding palette. Red is a primary color on the color wheel, the other primary colors are blue and yellow. Primary colors can´t be created by mixing other colors. Purple or violet is a secondary color on the color wheel and is made bye mixing red and blue. Red and purple are analogous colors on the color wheel as they are next to each other.

red and purple


There´s an array of purple flowers to choose from for red and purple wedding flowers, some of them include: Violet, Tulip, Lilac, Rose, Phlox, Stock, Freesia, Polyanthus, Statice, iris, Hydrangea, Gladiolus, Texas bluebell, Bellflower, Anemone.

Red flowers for red and purple wedding flowers can include: Tulip, Anemone, Gerbera, Amaryllis, Snapdragon, Cockscomb, Montbretia, Rose.

In this bouquet we can see a perfect combination of deep purple, scarlet red, violet, and creamy white. It looks sophisticated and elegant. Calla lilies and orchids are expensive but a few of them go a long way and look spectacular.


Red roses and calla lilies




In this wedding centerpiece the red rose takes center stage, surrounded by clusters of violet, purple and deep red flowers. The green background provides an almost cooling effect to all the vibrancy.



Here we see a vibrant combination of red, purple, and orange gerbera daises. Perhaps shocking, but in small doses could make an appealing choice for red and purple wedding flowers.

Red gerbera daisies





Purple calas and roses bouquet





In this elegant bouquet, red and purple wedding flowers, deep purple and red coordinate to make a stunnning bouquet. The flowers of choice for this round bouquet are callas and lilies accessorised with feathers.

Red Wedding Flowers

Ideas for red and purple wedding flowers: